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hy·brid | Pronunciation:  hi-brid

1 : a person or persons whose background is a blend of two or more diverse components creating a better, far superior composition. (see also Hybrid Claims Group)

Hybrid Team

Welcome to Hybrid Claims Group! By combining top-notch subrogation services coupled with superior claims services we’ve created an industry powerhouse.

This fusion brings our claims auditing and subrogation services under the same umbrella, providing the world-class service our customers depend on, and allowing us to expand the scope of our services.  Each service we offer is delivered by a team with solid experience and a proven track record.

We are the industry leaders.  We are the standard.  Hybrid Claims Group streamlines the claims service experience. 
Hybrid Claims Group - Lead

Mobius Strip

Our logo, a Möbius strip,  was chosen to illustrate the idea behind Hybrid Claims Group: the seamless workflow and efficiency we convey. It represents continuity, with no beginning and no end. It has two sides, yet only one surface.

Our Vision

Our vision is of a world where insurance processes can be seen, discussed, revised and negotiated by all parties involved. By offering superior support, rapid delivery and easy processes for our clients, no matter where they are, we intend to be the leading partner of choice in the insurance industry.

Our Mission

To deliver state-of-the-art solutions to our clients, designed to maximize the value of their investments in all types of claims vendor services. We will continue to foster an environment that promotes progressive, “out of the box” thinking in our employees, who are our most valuable resource.

Our Values

We believe that businesses are about people. They are run by human beings with feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Customers, competitors, managers, and shareholders all have something of value to offer.

Our Work Gets Noticed

A.M. Best Expert Service Provider Awards

Hybrid Claims Group has been recognized by the prestigious A.M. Best Company as an Expert Service Provider for the last 20 years, and we’ve been re-inducted for 2020! We’ve also received many other awards and accolades from insurance industry groups and organizations. Learn more →

Company News

Meet The Team

Our superior service, accelerated processes and state-of-the-art industry solutions will continue to improve and expand. Why not get to know us a little better? Meet the team →