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Being paperless and going green is not a new concept for Hybrid Claims Group—in fact we have been paperless since our inception in 1998.  One thing we have not been paperless with however is the signing of important documents, NDA’s and other credentials; we relied on resource intensive paper-based processes. The process of printing, faxing and filing is resource intensive, expensive and slow.  The new mantra for today’s businesses wanting to attain efficiency and speed in their processes is to reduce their paper dependency—well we have done this already.  Our challenge was to improve the process for getting documents signed and returned in a timely manner, while reducing the need for paper.  Our solution?  Automate the processes through secure and legal mechanisms. It is always difficult for any business to shift away from its traditional model, and mold itself into a new shape. However, in this competitive era, businesses cannot afford to lack behind their peers, they need tools to stay in the race. Therefore, the emergence of digital signatures has proved to be a savior for our business and fit right into our model. 

Hybrid Claims Group has closed the loop with electronic signatures.  By utilizing an end-to-end electronic signature solution like EchoSign, we are able to complement our existing applications to create a completely streamlined process from origination ? to signing ? to storing and managing documents throughout their entire lifecycle. Electronic signatures really are designed to simplify business operations. Documents are sent out for signature via email, the ID of signers can be validated through multiple layers of verification (if necessary), and documents can be signed through any number of ways including text signatures, signature pads, and using mobile devices (Smart phones, iPads, tablets, etc) for access anytime anywhere.

Immediate key benefits we noticed were:

• Reduced cycle times by having documents signed in minutes, not hours or days.
• The ability for us to track user activity throughout the entire document management process with automated alerts. Alerts notify key members of our team for newly signed documents and also alert us to who has and hasn’t signed.
• Reduced costs associated with printing, faxing, and filing paper documents.
• Green continuance — eliminating paper based systems minimized our impact on the environment.

“Businesses are being driven by quantifiable business process needs that can best be met by a digital signature solution such as EchoSign’s solution” said Mike Bivona, CEO of Hybrid Claims Group, a niche provider of insurance solutions.  “If you take a look at the bigger picture, we no longer have to print, fax or mail documents just to get someone’s approval on a claim. We are not just saving paper and storage space, but we are also cutting back on power consumption and reducing dependence on carbon producing services that would typically be required to move a document urgently.”  Mike added.

Being paperless has helped our business save money, space, and increase productivity, while automating the process for internal and external communications.  “In an online transaction or communication, it is very important to maintain authenticity and security of the information exchange” said Matt Sweetwater, Vice President of Marketing for Hybrid Claims Group.  “The information should be supported through a legally valid mechanism, guaranteeing security and non-repudiation. This is where digital signatures play a vital role. Digital signatures help businesses climb up the ladder of ‘Green’ goals with paperless tools” Sweetwater added.

An e-Procurement process, compared to the traditional procurement process, assists both repair facilities and Hybrid Claims Group representatives reduce the processing time and unnecessary paper work.  Adding the use of digital signatures is a win-win situation for all involved.  Not to mention this also adds to our customer support initiatives allowing Hybrid Claims Group to serve its clients effectively and efficiently.

Slowly and steadily, this idea is gaining momentum, and efforts are being made to reduce paper dependence for the daily tasks. Digital signatures have made possible for many businesses, irrespective of size and vertical, go paperless and go secure in a smarter and more cost-effective manner. Finally, digital signatures help users endorse green technology and a clean environment, while assuring security and authenticity.

Hybrid Claims Group’s services have always offered a balance between cost saving processes and improvements to increased productivity, while remaining environmentally conscious.  Hybrid’s services are used by leading Insurance companies throughout the United States and Canada.

Hybrid Claims Group—Green before Green was “IN”

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